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Watch a recap of the OPS15 Dragon Training held on August 29-30

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OPS15 is a network of operators from the law enforcement and military community working alongside chemists and technology partners for the purpose of assisting and preparing others in staying ahead of the threat. Our focus is to share the most current trends with our peers, and our partners as we instruct, advise, consult, and protect from an operational perspective. OPS15 takes ideas, technology, proven tactics, and our collective history and operationalize it into a shared knowledge to properly prepare for and assist in securing against known and unknown threats.

About Us

OPS15 was formed and created from the perspective of the operator. Knowledge, training, and equipment needs not being met effectively by government agencies, the private sector, and the community themselves was the fuel from which OPS15 was born. OPS15 is a network of professionals whose individual experience, knowledge, and contacts have proven influential in the decisions that are made in the international response community make relative to technology and training they receive as well as the techniques they deploy. We are driven by current “real world” tactics, techniques, procedures, cutting edge and field tested technology and experience-developed methodology to best prepare and equip operators in the field in both the public and private sector. Our approach is peer-to-peer, operator-to-operator, and our motto is “Unconventional”. We are leading the way to prepare, respond, and mitigate current and future threats through educated decisions and positive action. That action starts with OPS15.

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