CIEDDOPS – Counter IED Dismounted Operations

CIEDDOPS- Counter IED Dismounted Operations – 80-hour Course

Course Description

This advanced hands-on course combines a progressive tactical mindset with some of the best technology available to properly prepare operators for a dismounted counter IED operation. CIEDOPS for the purposes of this course is any mission where an operator has to respond on foot or without proper response vehicles due to location or situation type. Examples of these types of operations include CIEDOPS in terrain only accessible by unconventional means, such as a helicopter, boat or ship, ATV, or on foot. CIEDOPS can take place in a high rise building, confined space, or during a specific incident such as a SWAT Interoperation, a “Boston Marathon”, or “Mumbai” style attack, or basically any type of situation where operators cannot be directly supported with response vehicles and must rely strictly on what they carry on their person.

Operators will be provided an intellectual toolbox based on proven methods from current operators that have experienced both success and failure while responding to CIEDOPS missions.  Operators will develop rapid threat assessment skills, learn advanced hand entry techniques, advanced diagnostics; and develop the ability to deploy specific tools and skill sets to a Category A threat, a protective detail, mass casualty event, or any Counter IED mission that dictates dismounted procedures.

The skills acquired in this course will provide the necessary tools, tactics, and mind set to respond and adapt to a specific threat or multiple threats through unconventional and advanced methods of operation.  Paired with the most capable kit available, we will effectively “cut the umbilical cord” between the operator and their respective response vehicle.

Training Objectives

  • Build upon the intellectual toolbox through the development of skill sets based upon real world instructor operational experience.
  • Develop rapid assessment skills to take appropriate action relative to the mission
  • Properly demonstrate and create an operational capability with various pieces of kit and technology that has been field tested and proven operationally effective on dismounted operations
  • Provide bomb technicians with the knowledge and tactics to adjust the operational tempo when required.
  • Build upon existing tools and skill sets and apply them in an unconventional method.
  • Provide advanced hand entry skills to do deploy fast action response.
  • Provide advanced diagnostics capabilities.
  • Build upon evidence collection skills while focusing on timely dissemination of actionable intelligence.
  • Build confidence in the operator’s ability to perform in a high stress environment through stress induced operational scenarios
  • Prepare each operator to safely and effectively respond to a counter IED incident regardless of location or type of incident utilizing unconventional methods.
  • Prepare operators to conduct protective operations utilizing a dismounted mindset
  • Prepare operators in proper evidence considerations and collection while operating in a dismounted capacity

Subject Matter Covered

  • Current Threat Overview
  • Advanced Tools & Techniques
  • Tool Selection & Tactics
  • Fast Action Hand Entry Techniques
  • Electronics Overview
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Evidence Considerations/Actionable Intelligence
  • Gear/Kit load out
  • Tactical Movements
  • Static Scenario Training
  • High Stress Operational Scenario Training