Moshe Gutman

Senior Staff Sergeant Major (Retired) Moses (Moshik) Gutman served for 3 years in the Israeli Air Force as a senior F-16 mechanic and 20 years in the Israeli National Police force as a Public Safety Bomb Technician 1995-2015.  He possesses a B.A. in Business Administration.

During his service, Moshik gained an expertise in IED Electronics, Post Blast Investigation, Heavy Equipment Operation, Advanced Robot Operations including being 1 of 6 operators in the North District capable to deploy the “Bobcat” Israeli Bomb robot.  This robot is a remote controlled Bobcat and takes hundreds of hours of training on which to be certified.  Moshik was also a member of a First Responder Team responsible for Hostage Rescue incidents.

Moshik responded to more than 50 bombing Post Blast Scenes including: Vehicle Borne IED’s, Suicide Bomber Scenes, Active Shooter (lone wolf) scenes and conventional IED scenes. During his career, Moshik was also integral in assisting the Crime Scene laboratories with Post Blast Investigations and served as an Assistant Unit Commander in the North District.

Moshik was assigned to assist the West Bank Border Police Bomb Unit numerous times during his career.  He was also involved in many high security details to include; Visits to Israel from foreign leaders and dignitaries.  Moshik participated in and was an integral part of every conflict and Army operation involving Israel in the last 20 years.

The last 2 years of his career, Moshik was assigned to the Israeli National Police Academy as a Bomb Technician Specialist.  There he was responsible for instructing the Israeli Police Officers in Tactics, techniques and Procedures dealing with terrorist attacks and how to respond effectively to these incidents.  He is also considered and expert in International Terrorism and Middle Eastern Studies as they relate to the current threat facing our world today.