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Biotechnology advances offer opportunities for actors with malicious intent

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Historic, widespread flooding to continue through May

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AG: Muller did not find that Trump’s campaign “conspired with the Russian government” 2016 election interference effort

3/24/19 Breaking News: No Trump-Russia conspiracy Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  0 On Saturday afternoon, Attorney General William Barr sent Congress his “principal conclusions” of the Mueller report. read more Source:...

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bower had links to British far right

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Current Threats



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Robert Bowers, 46, who killed eleven worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania on 27 October, was in touch with neo-Nazis in Britain who share the same brand of conspiracy theories that Jews control the world, that Jewish financier George Soros is funding immigration to the United States and Europe, and that the Jewish-controlled mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

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Source: http://www.homelandsecuritynewswire.com/dr20181106-pittsburgh-synagogue-shooter-robert-bower-had-links-to-british-far-right

Exploring how propaganda is used to recruit terrorists

3/21/19 Terrorism Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments How do terrorists use propaganda to entice people to join their ranks? Which personality types are the most influenced by it and what types of messaging are most effective in countering...