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Jack Hubball, Ph.D

Forensic Science Examiner,
State of Connecticut, Division of Scientific Sciences Forensic Laboratory

Jack Hubball is a Forensic Science Examiner in the Chemistry Section of the Forensic Lab.  The Chemistry Section of the Laboratory performs both organic and inorganic analyses on a variety of samples submitted from crime scenes.  A large percentage of these samples originate from suspect-arson fires.  During his tenure at the Lab, he has analyzed more than 10,000 items.

Dr. Hubball is the Laboratory representative to the Connecticut State Police K-9 Unit: and for the past 29 years has provided final testing, third party certification and recertification for the arson, drug, bomb and electronic storage device K-9 detection teams.

He also is a consultant and provides analyses for a company that specializes in plastics and polymers.  He developed a simple thermal desorption extraction method that has been used as part of the analytical procedure to test more than two thousand plastic and polymer samples.  This method also was the basis for the testing of electronic storage device components; and led to the identification of the two compounds used to imprint the world’s first electronic storage device K-9s.

He has co-authored two books on the analysis of additives in plastics and polymers based partly on his consulting work.

He is a member of several professional organizations; and has received a number of citations and awards including the Arnold Markle Distinguished Service Award presented by the International Association of Arson Investigators.