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Doyle Manke

Doyle Manke is the owner of Manke Advisory Group, a consulting company that develops, and provides training programs dealing with Anti and Counter-terrorism, OSHA compliance, and hazardous materials response.  Doyle has developed several courses for the emergency response, law enforcement and fire department communities.  Developed courses include; Applied Chemistry for Hazardous Materials Technicians, Precursors and Processes for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hazardous Waste Operations, Hazardous Materials Technician, Practical Incident Management, and Decontamination and Field Transfer of Hazardous Materials.  He has presented these and other specialized courses to Federal, State, and Local Government officials. Some notable clients are; National Guard Civil Support Teams, State of Hawaii, New York Police Department Forensics Laboratory, and the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad.

As a requested instructor for several different disciplines Mr. Manke has prepared and presented classes for multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He has worked under contract to assist with the development of a hazardous materials technician program for the Iraq National Fire Department. Mr. Manke has also worked extensively with diverse cultural background audiences for the State of Hawaii, California, Alaska, and American Samoa.

Mr. Manke also develops and instructs courses for Louisiana State University’s National Center for Biomedical Response and Training Academy of Counter Terrorist Education in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security. He is the primary developer for the Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts by Law Enforcement Officers, Integrated Response to Suspected WMD Cargo classes and  co -developer of several others including; Sampling Operations in a Weapons of Mass Destruction Environment, Advanced Forensic Investigations for Hazardous Environments and Domestic Response to Biological Incidents.  Doyle is a certified instructor for both the Department of Homeland Security and the National Fire Academy. He teaches most of the hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction response courses available through the National Fire Academy and assisted with the development of some of them.

Mr. Manke deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom from Oct 2005 to Oct. 2006 where he received several commendations for his work, in theater, providing consulting, training and logistic services to the Multi National Corps Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Headquarters section at Camp Victory Baghdad during their search for, response to, and detection of weapons of mass destruction and toxic industrial chemicals.

Mr. Manke has been a guest speaker at Hazardous Materials Symposiums sponsored by Kansas University, the Chemical Manufactures Association (CMA) and the Bureau of Explosives (BOE). He has also spoken at Louisiana State University’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Academy of Counter Terrorist Education Annual Seminar for Homeland Security Instructors.

Doyle has responded to, and supervised the clean up, of hundreds of hazardous material releases both as a state government emergency responder and as a private contractor. These responses involve; emergency mitigation, sampling to establish the extent of contamination, supervising the removal and disposition of the hazardous waste, and environmental remediation. He has supervised low level sampling operations for local business to allow re-occupation of illicit methamphetamine production locations.

Mr. Manke was previously employed by the Association of American Railroads at the Transportation Test Center (TTC) in Pueblo, Colorado. During his employment, he developed several classes for the training program including the Hazardous Materials Technician, Advanced Hazardous Materials Technician and Incident Commander Classes. This venue allowed him to train and interact with emergency responders from various disciplines of response including State and local government, employees of large chemical companies, such as Union Carbide and BASF, to government employees of Environment Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.  He worked with the Department of Energy as the primary developer of a special training class for the Radiological Assistance Teams training them to coordinate their response with local responders during a hazardous materials incident involving transportation of radiological materials.  While employed with the Association of American Railroads he responded to several incidents, both national and international, assisting responders with the transfer and containment of hazardous materials.

Mr. Manke was a trooper for the Colorado State Patrol for 19 years.  While a trooper he was part of the first hazardous materials response teams to be trained by the state.  Mr. Manke assisted with the development and training of the Colorado State Patrol hazardous materials teams responding to hazardous materials incidents throughout the state of Colorado.  Duties included providing emergency response to hazardous materials incidents, mitigation, and supervision of the environmental restoration. During his years as a responder Mr. Manke has responded to and supervised hundreds of hazardous materials incidents.  Additionally Mr. Manke developed, trained, and arraigned funding for a local hazardous materials response organization, the first multi-jurisdictional response organization in the state.

As a trooper Mr. Manke taught classes for the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy, Colorado Department of Health and Colorado State Patrol Academy.  He was responsible for the RADAR and Intoxilyzer® training and continuing certification for both the local and state law enforcement officers.  Duties included court testimony and continuing certification through the Colorado Health Department for the Intoxilyzer® used in the county. During his career Mr. Manke investigated hundreds of crime scenes, traffic accidents, made several felony and misdemeanor arrests and testified in county, state and federal court. Mr. Manke received several commendations for his activity as a law enforcement official.

Mr. Manke graduated from Lutheran High School in Denver, Colorado in 1974 and joined the Colorado State Patrol as a communications officer in September of the same year. He attended the Colorado State Patrol Academy graduating as a Trooper in 1978 and was stationed at various duty stations for the next 17 years. He then joined the Association of American Railroads working at the Transportation Test Center for 4 years before starting Manke Advisory Group.


Owner                                                         May 1996-present

Manke Advisory Group

Colonial Heights, VA

Adjunct Instructor

National Fire Academy                                1988 – present

Louisiana State University                          1998 – present

Association of American Railroads             1994 – 1998

Colorado State Patrol                                 1974 – 1994


Graduate                                                     1974

Denver Lutheran High School

Graduate                                                     1978

Colorado State Patrol / Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy